Saturday, 28 April 2018

How To Whiten Your Teeth In Less Than A Month! / Review

Ever since getting braces, I've been taking extra care of my teeth and whitening was something i wanted to do. I thought I'd try out some at home treatments and see how they'd work.

I was kindly sent some products to try from Janina Ultra White  available at Boots. 
As someone who doesn't drink or have caffeine very often, my teeth are naturally, i wouldn't say white, but light. So keep in mind that results may be different for people with more yellow or more white, we're all different! Also a little heads up for those who have sensitive teeth like myself, these products didn't make my sensitivity worse, but this doesn't mean you'll have the same experience.

Janina Ultrawhite Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays 10s

Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays - £30

I have to say I was a little sceptical about these trays because they looked too too small for my teeth and because I always thought these products were giving me false hope because I had tried similar products that didn't work for me. But they fit well, weren't uncomfortable at all and did give me results. These are to be used for 35 minutes and can be used for 5 days straight, if you're determined to get a whiter smile. I used these on and off for a week and I found that these helped your teeth look more clean and a little white and i would recommend them for when you have an event or wedding, whatever it may be, in the coming week, rather than for a temporary fix. I did actually use the toothpaste, which I will mention later, at the same sort of time so that may also be something to consider. 

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste - £11.50

Toothpaste was definitely the easiest and most convenient when it comes to whitening because its something you use on a daily basis, so i was so stoked to give this a go. This also has the greatest natural ingredients! If you know me, you know I love charcoal in skincare and so this was very intriguing for me. I found that this had a decent taste to it however, it did take me a few goes to get used to because it isn't your typical toothpaste taste, but it wasn't anything major. I found that this helped to maintain and lighten my teeth as I was using it religiously, everyday even. I would say my teeth have gone a few shades lighter. However, I wouldn't say I have the whitest teeth in history so please bare that in mind. But I will definitely be repurchasing this! P.S. This is on sale now at boots, link is below!

One thing i have to say is that these are definitely not permanent whitening products so if it does fade, that's why! However, if you consistently buy them, then you'll always have white teeth :)

Shop the products mentioned here - 

Have you tried these or similar whitening products? Let me know your thoughts below! 


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How To Achieve 'Insta' Brows 101

When it comes to trends, eyebrows play a big part. The squiggly brow has almost taken over the gram but, the 'Instagram' brows have become the most used trend! In other words...full, bold brows that are well structured and highlighted. So here's my tips on getting those insta brows you've always wanted...

1. PRODUCTS are the key!
The products you use play a key role. I prefer to use a pomade, concealer, dual eyebrow brush and a gel. But an eyebrow pencil or stick always works.

Obviously the no.1 pomade to use is the ABH pomade, which I actually purchased on holiday. But, if you want to save, I recommend the NYX Tame & Frame which I believe is a dupe. Its a regular pomade that is creamy and very pigmented. And honestly does the same job, for a better price. Using this with a small precise brush gives such a natural feel to your brows. The nyx brow contour is also pretty handy and works like a pencil except which I love. 

2. Pomade Drying Out
Although gel eyeliners and pomades in this instance are the BOMB, they can dry out and pretty quickly, especially if you haven't screwed the lid on tight. Here's a quick tip on how to deal with it or prevent it:
  • keeping the pot upside down when using it to prevent the air from drying it
  • use a liquid that enhances the pigment such as the Duraline by Inglot
  • or as I do, use oil to make it more creamy (I put a drop of vitamin e oil and it works fine)
3. TOOLss
When using a pomade, a brush is necessary. These are the ones I use often, I like to switch up the brushes I use now and then. If youre on a budget or just generally want to save I've got a dupe for you! ££££

I've been using SixPlus Brushes, they have amazing quality brushes for very affordable prices, a set of 11 being around £25+ that's almost £3 per brush! H&M used to do this dual brush, with an eyebrow side and a concealer blender. Not too sure if they continue selling this but it does its job! And if you wanna save even more the Primark dual eyebrow brush is a great alternative, which I didn't expect at all since its £1.50?! 

8. Set those brows in place!
Setting your brows honestly saves so much time and mess. A tinted or clear gel works wonders to get those sparse areas and to stop stray hairs from forming their own lives. Your brows will not budge after this step so make sure your done with filling them before this!

Eye of Horus - Dynasty Dual Brow Pencil and Gel

9. You don't have to have threaded, clean and shaped brows for this.

If anyone has told you shaping your brows by threading, tweezing etc is the only way to brow heaven, they are WRONG. Yes, it will be easier to fill your brows, but a simple concealing can do the trick when your brows are due for an appointment! My favourite concealers are the Maybelline Eraser Eye and the Collection Lasting Perfection. Outlining your brows with concealer can also make your brows look perfectly shaped and clean.

Shop the products mentioned here - 

Have any brow tips? What products do you like to use for your brows? Share them with me in the comments!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

All Things Lashes

If you didn't know, lashes are a must for me! They make any eye look 100% do I put it? Neat? Put together? But I swear by applying lashes because they also hide away the mess you've made underneath, if your a non-expert like me. So these lashes that Threads Beauty sent me, so kindly, obviously got me excited.

These are the Threads Beauty Lashes in 'Vava Voom' which are quite a natural pair that would be great for everyday use for me personally. And 'Red Cherri' are more bold and dramatic which I'd probably wear on a special occasion.
Each pair comes with a small tube of adhesive which dried clear (the regular glue that usually comes with false lashes)

                                                                        £9.00 For Each Pair

*If you cannot tell, I've actually used these in the past hence the dirty lash band and I obviously forgot to take a photo beforehand because that's just what I'm like. But these were effortlessly easy to apply because of the thicker lash band which I personally love because I'm not at all amazing at applying falsies, they didn't look too 'fake' because my makeup was quite heavy as well so I wouldn't recommend wearing the 'Red Cherri' ones on their own I guess. But that's totally your choice if you do.

They also have so many styles to choose from! If I was being extra critical I'd say that the packaging isn't the best, its not very secure however, it isn't a big deal.

Companion Lash Glue $10/£7.75

I love to have a good lash adhesive since I'm not an expert when it comes to lashes, so this just makes applying lashes that extra easier.
I have been using this Esqido Lash Adhesive for quite awhile now and I'm honestly in love. Its a latex-free and invisible glue. However I do still cover the lash band with liquid eyeliner because it leaves a white shiny finish. The applicator is so thin and easy to use so you don't use too much or too less. It takes at the most, a minute to go tacky but this does not make your lashes come of at all. Also the packaging is so classy, it has a ROSE-GOLD top, who doesn't love classy packaging? Esqido also sell lashes so go check em out :)

For $5 off Esqido, use this link: (Disclaimer: I will benefit from you using this referral link)

Are you a falsie kinda gal or do you prefer not to wear them? If so what's your favourite false lashes? I've been loving the Dodo Lashes in D105 as well as the Red Cherri ones I've mentioned above x


Sunday, 2 April 2017

My Simple Nightime Skincare Routine

For quite awhile, I have been using a skincare system from Clinique. And I can tell you, my skin has gotten so much clearer. A few years back I had so much spots, uneven skin tone, patchiness, you name it. This was a game changer. Yes spots are still a thing that happens to me and everyone, but my weekly spot appearances has definitely decreased.
I use this in the morning and at night. Which leads me to my nightime skincare routine.... 

Usually before I sleep I don't have makeup on, just because I take it off once I'm done with the day. But if I do have some on I always remove it firstly with a wipe. Any makeup wipe will do since its just a quick rub off (I really need to get one that's a lil better for tha skin so leave yo suggestions in the comments) and then i move on to a micellar water.
Kind To Skin Micellar Water 400ml £5.99  - shop here

I've tried a few micellar waters in the last year and I've come to a conclusion that the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water is the best for me personally, it doesn't feel like I have used a cleanser, some micellar waters leave a sticky, rubbery feel but this feels incredibly soft and works so well. This is also pretty moisturising which I haven't found in a micellar water before. I definitely prefer it to the Garnier one that everyone was hyping about in the past year.

Pure Clay Detox Mask £3.99 @ Superdrug - shop here

If I'm having a more of a relaxed night, I usually use a face mask from lush, check out my favourites here: Face Mask Favourites but if not I go for the L'Oréal Face Cleanser and Toner which is basically the face wash version of the Face Masks, which by the way smells amazing! I could honestly wear it as a perfume, L'Oréal if you're listening, we need a perfume!? This Detox Wash does a great job of refreshing my skin and making if feel smoother than ever, I'm really wanting to try the glow mask (orange) one of these in the range as well.

Anti-Blemish 3 Step Skincare £57.00
(p.s I'm retaking this photo because I didn't like the one I had previously so ill update that soon:) - shop here 

Then I wash my face and use the first step of the Clinique Skincare, which is the cleansing foam. I exfoliate with this for a while and then wash it off. The 2nd step is the clarifying lotion, which is sort of like a toner, I use this on a cotton pad to apply on my face. Lastly is the moisturiser which is pretty self explanatory, I moisturise with it. Just a heads up, if you do chose to get this system I recommend you ask the Clinique Staff what would suit your skin the best as they have many products for dry, combination and oily skin, especially as it isn't the cheapest skincare, I wouldn't want you to splurge on something like this without really knowing what's best for your skin!

Shop the products mentioned here -

If youre looking for more skincare products you'd like to try, check out my lovely friend, Azka's Skincare Routine - Azka's Skincare Routine 

Do you have a skincare routine? What products do you recommend? I would really recommend these as they've been working amazingly for me so far, but I'd love to hear any suggestions x


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Must Try Face Masks (Lush Edition)

Theres nothing like a face mask that makes your face  refreshed and clean so, as requested from a poll on my twitter - (why not give me a cheeky follow) I've got a lush face mask favourites for you!

Cupcake £6.75

Cupcake was my first face mask from lush which I received as a gift. I had high hopes for this to smell literally like chocolate, (do you blame me?) but it has quite an odd scent which kind of put me off! Its far more earthy than chocolatey so keep that in mind. It was a great mask however and enhanced the glow in my skin. I'd say this is more of a normal/relaxing mask than for a particular use. This is great to use when your skin is feeling a little dull and just needs some love.

Catastrophe Cosmetic £6.75

This mask honestly made my skin so much whiter, cleaner and I don't even think it was my mind playing tricks because I wanted it to work. The mask has elements of blueberries and seaweed so it's quite thick and bitsy. These are great ingredients for detoxing and cleansing so I was very excited to try and I definitely felt like it did its job. 100% recommend this one! I've actually nearly finished this so might need to repurchase or let me know your favs so I can try them out x

Rosy Cheeks £6.75

This has to be my favourite lush mask in existence! Besides the fact that it has rose in it, it made my skin feel like a baby's butt. This ones a bit more on the liquid side so was super easy to apply with a brush or with your fingers and it gives a rubbery sort of feel once its dried which I haven't seen in a face mask yet! And its pink so what can go wrong? The only thing that would make it better would be if it was a peel off mask, for us lazy gals am I right?

What's your favourite masks? And is there any you would want to try out? I'd love to try out the Mask of Magnaminty as it helps fight breakouts and the Don't Look At Me mask because its literally ocean blue ahh!

@velvetblogs x

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Affordable Makeup // W7 Makeup Review

After, a break from blogging, I'm back with a affordable makeup review!

So last week I received a package from @w7makeupuk (make sure to check out their website -

I received a contour stick, 'power puff' beauty blender, 'kiss me' plumping gloss and the 'camouflage kit' concealer palette.

Starting things off badly,  the colour of this stick looked as though it would suit my skin colour, however the colour blended to almost nothing and as you can see in the picture below it was quite tilted to one side so when I tried to use it, it broke off :( this is probably because it was mailed but the packaging for some of the products in general does lack quality unfortunately, so if you do decide to purchase these I'd recommend you get them in store!

On to a more positive note, the power puff blender was amazing I definitely know this as I have had it in the past its good for blending foundation and getting in the corners of your eyes for concealer etc. This would be a good beauty blender to buy if your on a budget, or if your wanting a cheap but good quality beauty blender.

The lip plumping gloss was glossy and kept my lips moisturised for quite a long time, it didn't really plump my lips but I haven't used it regularly so I couldn't give you any evidence of that, although it did tingle a bit if that makes a difference? Will update you on that though. (doesn't actually plump your lips) Although, I do love the applicator! The scent of the gloss was also peppermint and was a bit strong so I wouldn't get it if you do not like that sort of scent.

Lastly, the camouflage kit concealer. (partially shown in the first photo) This packaging I was digging! I wasn't expecting too much as its an affordable brand and so when I tried it and didn't really work well as a concealer I wasn't shocked. (it blended out to nothing) It also has many colours concealers in the palette and a concealer brush which is handy, however the brush gives off a black colour when used, not sure if its just mine! (now I use it for smoking the lower lash with black eyeshadow, so it did come in handy haha)

What are your affordable makeup picks?

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Spring Favourites ❁

Before I get into anything, this is a spring favourites collaboration with booksandbeautyx - so you should go check out her blog which was up a few hours ago - also be sure to comment if you like favourites blogs as I'll do them more often 

Ickle Baby Bot 
This is the 'sleepy time soother' (said in the lush catalogue) it has a relaxing lavender smell and chamomile oils that is refreshing ☻ it also looks very cute - I definitely recommend it and it is only £1.95, one the cheapest bath bombs at lush!  

Charity Pot 
Its a hand and body lotion with charitable roots!
It has a floral scent and it benefits your skin as well as good causes as every penny you spend on the charity pot is donated to causes for people, animals and the environment, this is only £1.00 for the little pot I have (the one in the picture) and £6.95 for a bigger pot

Essie Nail Polish 
This is the Essie Nail Polish in the colour 'Mind Your Mittens' I bought it yesterday for £1.99 (in a store in Wales, where I live) but they are usually £6.99 in Boots 
I love this shade as it goes with everything, as most of my clothes are black, grey and blue. I'm actually running out of it and it makes me sad :( 

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