Sunday, 5 April 2015

Spring Favourites ❁

Before I get into anything, this is a spring favourites collaboration with booksandbeautyx - so you should go check out her blog which was up a few hours ago - also be sure to comment if you like favourites blogs as I'll do them more often 

Ickle Baby Bot 
This is the 'sleepy time soother' (said in the lush catalogue) it has a relaxing lavender smell and chamomile oils that is refreshing ☻ it also looks very cute - I definitely recommend it and it is only £1.95, one the cheapest bath bombs at lush!  

Charity Pot 
Its a hand and body lotion with charitable roots!
It has a floral scent and it benefits your skin as well as good causes as every penny you spend on the charity pot is donated to causes for people, animals and the environment, this is only £1.00 for the little pot I have (the one in the picture) and £6.95 for a bigger pot

Essie Nail Polish 
This is the Essie Nail Polish in the colour 'Mind Your Mittens' I bought it yesterday for £1.99 (in a store in Wales, where I live) but they are usually £6.99 in Boots 
I love this shade as it goes with everything, as most of my clothes are black, grey and blue. I'm actually running out of it and it makes me sad :( 

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