Whiten Your Teeth In Less Than A Month! / Janina Ultra White Review

by - April 28, 2018

Ever since getting braces, I've been taking extra care of my teeth and whitening was something i wanted to do. I thought I'd try out some at home treatments and see how they'd work. 

I was kindly sent some products to try from Janina Ultra White  which are available at Boots. 

As someone who doesn't drink or have caffeine very often, my teeth are naturally, i wouldn't say white, but light. So keep in mind that results may be different for people with more yellow or more white, we're all different! Also a little heads up for those who have sensitive teeth like myself, these products didn't make my sensitivity worse, but this doesn't mean you'll have the same experience.

Janina Ultrawhite Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays 10s
Read more at http://www.boots.com/janina-ultrawhite-maxiwhite-professional-teeth-whitening-pre-filled-trays-10s-10216416#xKSViyY30UEmGA6o.9

Maxiwhite Professional Teeth Whitening Pre-filled Trays - £30

I have to say I was a little sceptical about these trays because they looked too too small for my teeth and because I always thought these products were giving me false hope because I had tried similar products that didn't work for me. But they fit well, weren't uncomfortable at all and did give me results. These are to be used for 35 minutes and can be used for 5 days straight, if you're determined to get a whiter smile. I used these on and off for a week and I found that these helped your teeth look more clean and a little white and i would recommend them for when you have an event or wedding, whatever it may be, in the coming week, rather than for a temporary fix. I did actually use the toothpaste, which I will mention later, at the same sort of time so that may also be something to consider. 

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste - £11.50

Toothpaste was definitely the easiest and most convenient when it comes to whitening because its something you use on a daily basis, so i was so stoked to give this a go. This also has the greatest natural ingredients! If you know me, you know I love charcoal in skincare and so this was very intriguing for me. I found that this had a decent taste to it however, it did take me a few goes to get used to because it isn't your typical toothpaste taste, but it wasn't anything major. I found that this helped to maintain and lighten my teeth as I was using it religiously, everyday even. I would say my teeth have gone a few shades lighter. However, I wouldn't say I have the whitest teeth in history so please bare that in mind. But I will definitely be repurchasing this! P.S. This is on sale now at boots, link is below!

One thing i have to say is that these are definitely not permanent whitening products so if it does fade, that's why! However, if you consistently buy them, then you'll always have white teeth :)

Shop the products mentioned here - 

Have you tried these or similar whitening products? Let me know your thoughts below! 


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  1. This is such an informative post! I really want to whiten my teeth and have started using whitening toothpastes but I think I might want to try this toothpaste!
    I also want to trial a more substantial way of whitening my teeth!
    Love, Cally xx

    1. I really like toothpastes because they're so much easier! I definitely recommend this one x

  2. This is such a great review! 💖 I’ve seen whitening toothpaste before and wondered if it actually worked. It’s awesome that this has all natural ingredients and made your teeth a few shades lighter. That’s a brilliant result! Thanks for sharing your experience 😘 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. I've always wondered too, so I had to give this one a go especially because of the natural ingredients! I was so surprised that i even got a result x